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CASE (MS by Research Scholar)

Supervisor: Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar

Name: Vasudeo Govind Chaudhari


NBH-120, IIIT Campus,
IIIT Hyderabad, Gachibowli,
Hyderabab 500 032.
Email: vasudeo.chaudharipg08@research.iiit.ac.in


Area of Intrest & Research:

The western most state of India has experienced many frequent moderate to great earthquakes. Most of the epicenters are located about 400 to 600 km from the plate boundary. To know why so many earthquakes concentrate in Kachchh rift basin and its surrounding region a study is necessary. At the same time Gujarat has large number of underground Petroleum pipe lines (Fig-1). Which are considered as lifeline for developing India, these pipe lines get affected by fault motion (Fig-2). A study is being conducted to know the stress concentrations in this region. Numerical technique with latest computing technology can be the solution for better results


Work Plan:

It is planned to develop numerical model considering Geophysical aspects of Gujarat. Approximate size of 800x600 Km plate model is considered with an assumption of resting on elastic foundation with viscous boundary conditions. To simulate the above model we are planning to use FEM and principle of elasto-plastic 3D plate buckling subjected to transverse and in-plane forces.


Project Undertaken:


Conference Attended:

National Symposium on EARTHQUAKE SAFETY OF TALL BUILDINGS (Dec 16 2008) at IIIT Hyderabad

Workshop Attended:

1. National Workshop on Fire Safety in Buildings (NWFSB - 2008)

2. Design of High rise Buildings by EERC

3. Jeevan Vidya Shivir by Ganeshji



Computer Aided Structural Engineering