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Curriculum (2016-18):

Student has to acquire a minimum of 68 credits in 4 semesters to become eligible to receive M. Tech in CASE degree. This can be done as follows:

  1. acquire a minimum 24 credits from domain Structural Engineering subjects,
  2. minimum of 8 credits from Computer Science subjects,
  3. minimum of 8 credits from any other stream of Civil Engineering and
  4. a minimum of 8 credits (max. 16) from project in last semester.

Semester I   

Semester II  

Computational Continuum Mechanics

Structural Dynamics

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Advanced Structural Design

Computer Programming

Computing Tools

Civil Engineering Workshop


Semester III      

Semester IV  









List of Structural Engineering Electives      

Other Area Electives  

Numerical methods in Str. Mechanics

Foundation Engineering

Finite Element method Scientific Computing
Concrete Technology DBMS
Topics in Solid Mechanics Building Automation
Bridge Design Computer Graphics
Random Vibrations Intelligent Buldings
Design of Hydraulic Structures Spatial Informatics

Design of Underground Structures

Any other open elective

Design of Bridges  


1. Student can register upto a maximum of 20 credits in a semester. Each course carry 4 credits unless otherwise specified.

2. Student can register upto a maximum of 2 Independent study courses.

3. Students are encouraged to do summer internship in IIIT Hyderabad or in industry.


Important: Students are advised to bring their own laptop



Computer Aided Structural Engineering