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Admission Procedure

Admission to PG programmes will be on the basis of the performance at the Postgraduate Entrance Examination (PGEE) and an interview to be held at Hyderabad.

Note :  For MS and Ph.D programmes, exceptional candidates may be called directly for the interview on the basis of their qualification and experience. For details of application visit Standing PG

About Postgraduate Entrance Examination (PGEE):

An all-India examination to test the preparedness of the applicants will be held in April every year. The examination will be held at Hyderabad and a number of major cities (Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bhopal and Guwahati, etc.) in the country depending on the number of applicants from each region. The entrance examination will consist of two papers. Paper-I tests the general aptitude of the candidate and will consist of objective questions from Mathematics, Programming, and Logical Reasoning. Paper-II is the subject paper, which tests the candidate's subject knowledge.

For more details on PG admissions at IIIT-H click here.

Important: Students are advised to bring their own laptop



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