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IIIT Hyderabad offers following PG programmes of Civil Engineering in the specialization of Structural Engineering

- Ph.D in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering)

PhD is a research programme whose centerpiece is the dissertation. The course work and the qualifiers are there to ensure the necessary breadth in the areas for the student. The semester-wise courses and the planning of PhD study is dependent on the students background.

A PhD student takes the relevant courses in the first one or two semesters, depending on the background. After the first year, the student works on clearing the PhD qualifying exam which tests his or her breadth of knowledge in the field of study. This is followed by the PhD proposal defense where the depth of the knowledge of the student in his field of dissertation is tested.

The PhD is awarded on completion of thesis followed by successful thesis defense.

- Master of Science by Research in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering)

This is a research-oriented Masters’ programme, normally lasting two years and culminates in a thesis defense. Students can take advanced courses in the chosen area of specialization and devote a year or more towards research. Exceptionally well prepared students can directly start working on research thesis in the first year itself. In most cases, students receive financial support, and are encouraged to publish their work in conferences and journals. 

- M.Tech in Computer Aided Structural Engineering (CASE)

The two-year M Tech programme, designed to help graduates and working professionals enhance their professional qualifications and career prospects, imparts advanced knowledge in one or more specialized areas, listed in the table above. In the first year, students acquire the background knowledge of the chosen field, and in the second year, students gets to study advanced courses and do projects on campus, or in industry.


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Important: Students are advised to bring their own laptop