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Civil Engineering Ph.D Scholar

Supervisor: Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar

Name: Archanaa Dongre


Flat 101, Block 1,
Hill ridge Springs,
Email: raut@research.iiit.ac.in

Area of Intrest & Research:



By 1200 AD brick making was to be found across Europe and Asia, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. In the Near East and India, bricks have been in use for more than five thousand years. Large population in India that is deprived of modern material and technology, reside under masonry dwellings built based on traditional way of construction. It looks there is no immediate change in the use of brick as a construction material. It is observed that recent activities of earthquakes are restricted all around the periphery of the Gangetic plane and foot hills of the Himalayas.The seismic activities in these areas are attributed to the tectonic movement of the Deccan plate and the main Asian plate. These constructions vary from zone to zone .Gujarat falls in three seismic zones (Zone III, IV, and V) has a long record of sporadic earthquakes at a gap of 30 years or so. The accumulated effects of these quakes have taken many lives of common man dwelling under bricks masonry.

Mainly the damage to masonry buildings is due to out-of plane collapse of walls. The mechanical response of the masonry is complex and depends on the microstructural geometry and properties of the constituents, i.e. of the blocks and mortar. 

Damage Model:

Damage model used to estimate damage in the structure. There are many damage models available like “Park and Ang Model (1985)”,”Wang and Shah Model (1987)”.In Park and Ang Model ‘D’ indicates damage index. Under elastic response value of D should be zero. If D ≥1.0 then it indicates complete collapse of the structure.

1. Past Research Work in Brick Masonry: In past few years many eminent researchers have contributed greatly in Brick Masonry. Computational strategies for masonry Structures by Paulo Lourenco (1996).Previously he proposed for the analysis of masonry structures: Micro and macro-modeling and also Reduced number of orthotropic material models specific for masonry (1995b).But then Gambarotta And S.Lagomarsino (1997) proposed Damage Models for the seismic response Of Brick Masonry Shear Walls (Part1: The mortar joint models and its applications, Part2: The continuum model and its applications).

2. Past Research work in Applied Element method

3. A New Efficient Method for Nonlinear, Large Deformation and collapse Analysis of Structures by Tagel-Din Hatem and Kimiro Meguro (PhD thesis 1998) followed by AEM for structural analysis :Theory and Application for linear materials(2000).And Numerical Simulation Of masonry Wall Failure Behavior Using Appiled Element method by Bishnu Hari Pande and Kimiro Meguro(2004)

Present Work:

Numerical study is being conducted to understand the level of damage. For this several earthquake records selected and subjected to infill brick masonry wall. Damage state is estimated by number of failed springs and their locations for the quantification of damage. And these damage stages will be compared with experimental studies and other damage models.

To solve the simulation problem we are using Domain Reduction Method (DRM) In DRM simulations can be done in two steps

 Future Work:-

To Estimate the Damage on Brick Masonry wall under lateral loading by Numerical Method, to access what is the vulnerability of brick masonry in the country. Understanding various damage models and choose one to apply on Brick masonry structures also Numerical Modeling of brick masonry by AEM.

Tutor: CASE Seminar

Project Undertaken:


Conference Attended:

1. National Symposium on EARTHQUAKE SAFETY OF TALL BUILDINGS (Dec 16 2008) at IIIT Hyderabad

2. Structural engineers World Congress (Nov 2-7)2007 at Bangalore.

Workshop Attended:

1. National Workshop on Fire Safety in Buildings (NWFSB - 2008)

2. Design of High rise Buildings by EERC

3. Jeevan Vidya Shivir by Ganeshji

Work Experience:

(2001-2003): Worked as Design and Detailing engineer for two years at Intech designs, Andheri, Mumbai (Work includes design and detailing of USA based steel structures)



Structural  Engineering